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How do I change the oil on my motorcycle? I can see where to check the level, but how do I drain it? It's a Honda CB400 2011 model

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you need to be a little more specific: what type of motorcycle are you asking about? – Bob Cross May 30 '11 at 18:44
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The bottom of the oil pan

All of the CB series of motorcycles use a wet sump lubrication system and have an oil pan.

On your model specifically it is in the center of the oil pain and just a bit obstructed by the exhaust pipes. You will need an extension and a 17mm socket to get to the drain bolt.

The drain bolt has a magnet, so you can check to see if there is any metal on magnet when you change the oil. A sign there may be issues if you do.

Torque Speck for Drain Bolt

45Nm, or 33ft-lbs.

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If you cannot find it anywhere, look at the bottom of the engine. Remember, drain plug is usually at the lowest point of the pan. Look for a hexagonal bolt, and it should be it. Ensure to not confuse it with you transmission though.

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