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A 2008 Honda CR-V radio antenna mast has been snapped off (either vandalism or the car wash). The result is the bottom portion of the machine screw lodged in the cap on the roof of the car where the antenna mounts.

I only noticed that the antenna was actually broken off when I went to screw in a replacement one. There isn't any thread left to screw a new one into, yet there isn't any of the old screw sticking out enough to remove it from the mount.

What is the best way to extract the remaining piece of the old antenna so I can replace the mast? Or is it best to try to replace the whole mount assembly (this seems overkill)?

Was Loctite used to secure the OEM antenna? If not, then maybe this method might be best?

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I was going to suggest using a screw extractor as well. –  Zaid May 18 at 22:55

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