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When driving this morning i noticed my vehicle did not accelerate upon pressing down the throttle, however i noticed an increase in speed when pressing down on the brakes and a simultaneous jerk when stepping on the throttle in the 'stop and go' traffic i encountered. I had to restart the engine and i noticed the car performed normally and has done so since. Just confused as to what caused the earlier situation

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What year/model/transmission are we talking about? –  Paulster2 Apr 24 at 20:43
its a honda accord 2008 model with an automatic transmission –  Mahonix Honix Apr 24 at 21:57
Did you try to get the codes read? (or did no check engine lights come on?) If no light or codes, this may be one of those cases what I'd call fixed while troubleshooting ... no real answer and nothing popping out at me as to what might have caused the issue. –  Paulster2 Apr 24 at 22:05

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