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I had to replace the alternator on my Toyota Tacoma V6 4L and I noticed an ungodly amount of gunk collected on and around the old one. The truck is 2007 with just over 100K mi on it. The old alternator had literally 1/2" of greasy, muddy, black gunk over it but also on other pulleys around that area (tensioner, idlers, AC pump etc.).

Is this something normal for a truck this old or is it a sign of some problem? Should the front part of under the hood (so the radiator and the serpentine belt hang-ons) be taken apart every once in a while and cleaned to prevent this?

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Could you provide us with some photo? It could be interesting to see how bad it looks, to be honest, it´s good to clean also under hood sometimes (especially when you drive off road or in dusty conditions). Oil+grease+dust can create this substance on everything, I am using Arva to clean underhood parts, but I am not sure if you can get this, it´s kind of heavy duty grease cleaner (list of ARVA ingredients), but you shouldbe able to find something similar. –  Mustafa105 Apr 8 '14 at 8:44

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