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The battery of my Nissan Tiida is similar to the ones in the pictures below. Should I check if there is enough liquid inside? and in case it needs, should I add distilled water?

enter image description here enter image description here

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Have you taken the battery out? Does it have indicators for max and min battery fluid levels? How old is the battery? –  ashkan Apr 3 at 23:24
I didn't take the battery. I think it doesn't has min ans max levels. It has two years old. The car has the same time, but I am checking most of the think that my knowledge let me do. –  robysottini Apr 4 at 0:45

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This battery type does not allow for easy checking and does not require it. If you had a battery with caps you could remove, then yes, you would use distilled water to top them off.

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The batteries in the pictures both have caps - so you can check and fill. –  Rory Alsop Apr 3 at 20:16
@RoryAlsop ... sorry, I think I clearly stated that it does not allow for easy checking ... I never said you couldn't check them. These types of batteries do not lend itself to checking. I mean, check it if you like, but they do not require it. –  Paulster2 Apr 3 at 21:57

While it is normally not required with a maintenance free battery yours may be a low maintenance type. Allowing the battery acid level to drop too low can cause the battery to overheat shortening its life. The small circles with the cross pattern on the top are caps. They can be removed and water can be added. It is best to use distilled water. If you don't have a battery filler you can use a plastic turkey baster. It is important to add a little at a time and not overfill the cells.

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Why should I use turkey baster? Thanks for answer! –  robysottini Apr 4 at 0:50
Using the turkey baster allows for more control and reduced risk of splashing acid. You can add small amounts into the dime sized hole easier than using an old soda bottle. –  mikes Apr 4 at 2:10
Just don't use the turkey baster for anything involved in cooking after that ;-) –  Paulster2 Apr 4 at 10:45

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