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I have managed to completely fry regulator/rectifier on my Suzuki GSR600 (K7). I suspect that it happened when I blindly splashed into a big water pond, so some water probably got on connector. Thing is, it is not really possible to avoid that as I use my motorcycle to commute every single day, let it rain or sun shine. I hear that GSX-Rs has this issue all the time. So my question is, how do you look after your regulator/rectifier? Do you unplug it and let it vent every couple of months? Do you add some additional protection?

I really do not want to pay another 300 quids anytime soon (-.

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The regulator or rectifier isn't going to be bother by a bit of water splashing on it. Quite simply, the voltage is too low for the water to pass a current. What is more likely is that water getting into/onto the high voltage part of the ignition circuit has caused a spike or surge to be sent through the low voltage circuit, which will fry rectifiers and other solid state components.

With that in mind, check to see that the ignition circuitry is well protected from the elements. If you can find it locally, get a can of silicone water shield and give your system a couple of coats of that.

If you can't do that you can always resort to what we did "in the old days", which is to wrap as much of the ignition stuff as possible in plastic. Just ensure you leave downward facing drainage points.

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I haven't thought about the ignition part of the electrical system. Will have a look into it as it is easily approachable. Thanks. – Audrius Mar 8 '11 at 12:28

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