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My 2004 F150 FX4 has a vibration in the front end. I feel it in the accelerator pedal. When I am driving strait or turning left it is there but to the left it stops. I have changed my cv’s and locking hubs along with the locking hub sensor. Plus the brake rotors and had the tires Balanced and rotated no change.

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Did you got your truck aligned when you changed the CV and locking hubs? –  Gabriel Mongeon Mar 10 at 10:26

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So many possibilities if vehicle has seen hard off road use (such as worn tie rod ends. Bite the bullet and see a suspension expert.Correct diagnosis will save you replacing parts that do not need to be.As you can replace C.V.s you are obviously competent.Proffesional diagnosis + your labour saves time and money.Good luck mike western australia

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