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It takes anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds to get the status from my car (like if I want to know how charged the battery is).

I'm wondering if this is normal or something is wrong.

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Yes it is normal. Not to get into details but there is no direct link between your OnStar RemoteLink app and your car. Here is how it works:

  1. Your applications calls a server at GM and places a request ( for example check battery status ).
  2. The server makes a series of queries in order to make to establish connection with a car. It could be sending sms or other ways ( there are two other way - if I remember correctly, just can't recall right now).
  3. Once connection is established between a car and a GM server, it will execute desired command - check battery status as well as receive few more pieces of info.
  4. And at last, a GM server will return requested information to your app.

Now to the best of my knowledge, it takes a bit of time to do step 2 because it is a bit tricky to establish connection with a car that is not working. Remember your car doesn't stay connected to OnStar server all the time because it will drain battery and it will cost GM a bit of money to keep connection alive - GM uses cellular providers (AT&T and such) and they charge an arm & a leg for internet connection such as 3G and LTE.

In any case, 20-60 seconds to get an update from a car is normal.

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