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So in the beginning ONE of my windshield wipers just went absolutely dead (could move it easily with my hands) and I took it to the shop and the guy removed what he called ''arms'' but when I went to another dealer to purchase the part, he told me it's called a 'bracket'. Now when I youtube ''how to change windshield bracket'' I can't find anything and if I search for ''windshield arm'' they just take the wiper themselves off and not the underlying thingy that I purchased.

It's 2 metal rods which connect to the wipers, bridging the motor and the wipers I think. What is this part really called and can you link a video showing how to replace it if you can find one? (my car is Nissan Almera '98).

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The piece I believe you are talking about the linkage. Many times the bushings will wear out and the linkage will pop off of the arm or motor. Here's a drawing which depicts a typical linkage connection:

windshield wiper linkages

EDIT: I just noticed in this picture, it looks as though the Right Hand Link attaches at the wiper arm ... it really doesn't. It fits on the ball which is on the wiper arm pivot (not named).

EDIT2: And I'm asleep today. This site may/may not help in your replacement.

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Thank you! ......... – Paze Mar 6 '14 at 17:15

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