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Power steering is noisy and hard to turn steering wheel UNTIL engine warms up. Then it is fine. What's happening? I have sucked old old fluid and put in new but wife says it still doing the above but not as bad. Once engine warms up, steers like it came out of showroom.

Thanks for your help.

BTW, I did replace with Dextron II ATF per manufacturers specs.

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What kind of noise does it make? Does it sound like a belt squealing, or does it sound more like the pump is whining? –  user4546 Feb 26 at 4:35
What's the model and year? At any rate, the most likely culprit is a bad power steering pump. –  hillsons Feb 26 at 5:20
It's either the belt is worn out (squeals until warm up) or the pump is going bad, but would need more information before I'd lean one way or the other. –  Paulster2 Feb 26 at 13:08
If it is an early 90's GM it has "morning sickness". A common symptom and complaint just before the steering rack fails completely. –  mikes Feb 27 at 1:00
Sorry guys, thought I told you. it is a 1991 Toyota Camry. The sound is the same noise anyone would hear when turning the steering wheel all the way to the stop. A chirping noise. Why would it be hard to turn the wheel and chirp with any movement of the wheel but then be perfectly fine after the engine gets to normal operating temp? –  user4578 Feb 27 at 2:24

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