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I have noticed that people frequently choose the GSX-R front end for a front end conversion on old bikes to improve handling and comfort. The GSX-R was produced from 1985 through the present, and I'm assuming front ends went through major changes as technology improved. I have found various pieces of information scattered all over, but I can't find what changed on which year, and what those improvements would mean for someone choosing a front end. Can someone list which changes were done in which year, to assist modifiers in selecting an improvement that is appropriate?

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Are you looking for information that can't be found on the wikipedia page? –  Bob Cross Feb 20 at 13:33
That article only refers to suspensions as "continually upgraded to deal with the increased power and traction of the improving tires of the era", but that doesn't give a builder any real information about what they did, and it doesn't give a comprehensive list of changes by model year. I'm asking for a breakdown of what changed when, because I can not find that information anywhere in a single place, and that kind of info suits the purpose of SE. –  Bob Feb 21 at 13:55
It sounds like you've taken the lead to collect some of that information already. Maybe you should write it up yourself as a wiki article. You're right that it would probably serve as a resource for others. –  Bob Cross Feb 21 at 21:49

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Upside down forks where added to the GSXR11 and 750 on the L model in 1990. There are lots of subtle differences and changes since then, and modern stuff is significantly more advanced. Suggest you try and Google part numbers.

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