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My 2000 Alero 3.4 engine, has a new radiator, water pump, expansion tank and I have removed the thermostat. With that in mind the car runs fine at an idle but when I drive it - it starts to over heat with in 10 miles. I have also checked and I have no leaks that I can see. the water is clear with no signs of oil and the oil is its proper color and not milky in any way. I have also check the hoses when it starts to over heat and the hoses are not collapsed. The one thing I did find is that the power steering pump is going but I don't think that would have anything to do with this. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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How do you know it is overheating? What I mean by that, what symptoms are you seeing? Is it something physical (radiator overflowing) or is it the dash gauge (or idiot light) showing the issue? Also, running without a thermostat may be exacerbating the issue. Newer car thermostats direct fluid flow as well as control the temperature. Without it, it may not be circulating through the engine, but just through the radiator. Not sure about the Alero, but is possible. Power steering pump would have nothing to do with overheating. – Paulster2 Feb 11 '14 at 0:01

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