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I have a 95 corolla with a 4a-fe engine. Apprently I use the car mostly for city driving by myself. Recently however, I noticed that whenever I'm using the AC, even on the lowest fan speed and lowest temp, everytime I go past 2000 rpm, it makes this buzzing noise when my foot is on the pedal, but dissappears when I lift off the throttle. But if I turn off the AC and rev past 2000 rpm, it does not do the sound. I can't identify the sound, since I don't hear it when I rev the car on park or neutral.

What could be the cause of the sound? The only problem that I've ever had before the sound appeared is when I drained my battery. I had to exchange a battery from another driver just to start it, then put my battery back. We screwed all the screws needed to be tightened, but as I was going home, I felt that some parts MIGHT have fallen off(sounded like some piece of metal falling off when I was running at around 60mph). But I already checked everything that was unscrewed for missing parts or screws and there seems nothing missing.

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Sounds like two questions ... first one, no clue. I would have to hear the problem in person to diagnose. Second question ... are you sure you retrieved all of your tools when you completed swapping the batteries back? Could easily have been something dropping due to being left behind. – Paulster2 Feb 10 '14 at 10:51
@Paulster2 I did check all of my tools, and everything seems there. The noise sounds like an electric noise, but I'm also thinking if its noise from the radiator. Would a timing belt issue also be possible? It's almost time for my timing belt to be replaced. – marchemike Feb 11 '14 at 2:09

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