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I've recently bought this kind of device for my "Citroen C4 Coupe" with the RD4 - N1 radio (Label: Blaupunkt):


Then I realised, that the radio doesn't come with a standard aux-in. So I decided to install it myself. After informing myself a little bit, I bought those two components:

AUX-IN ADAPTER CITROEN & PEUGEOT (from Amazon) AUDIO ADAPTER, 3,5mm (from Amazon)

After plugging in the Aux-In Adapter hopefully correct, I realised that nothing happened. So after searching for a while, I read in some forums, that the citroen c4 car dealer has to unlock the aux-input. Today I was at a nearby dealer and he told me, it would cost up to 50 or 60 Euro. That's basically to much I guess! ????

Now my question:

Is there a better way to do this?

A friend of mine is a ford car mechanics, he could give me a can-bus for my car. Maybe he also could give me the laptop, but more interesting:


(or How is it named? I can do the rest.)

Any suggestions?

Greetings from germany

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Hans! I have the same problem. Did you solve yours? – Juan Jun 19 at 22:39

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