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Dealership mechanics don't have any idea or how to fix it. I am a unknowable car mom with a 16 year old ready to drive this car. HELP!

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Can you give us some more detail here? How much is it fluctuating (high/low rpm)? Are there any trouble codes? What type/size of engine? More than likely there is a sensor having issues. I've seen this type of problem in other cars where the Idle Air Control (IAC) is not functioning correctly. Could be the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) going bad or Mass Air Flow (MAF) is dirty. There are a bunch of things which could be causing this, but without further information it will be hard to diagnose. –  Paulster2 Jan 22 at 11:42
Ask the mechanics to have a look at the Idle Control Valve. –  Juann Strauss Jul 17 at 12:02

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Could be as simple as:

  • a blocked fuel filter

  • old fuel

  • vacuum leaks (in some engines)

  • spark timing

  • air/fuel mixture

  • exhaust management

  • if fuel injected, the E.C.M. (electronic control module) can over compensate.

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