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I'm currently running into trouble connecting the inductive loop ammeter that resides in the Mustang's gauge cluster. We already put the black wire (the one with the yellow stripe on it) through the hole but can't find any information on how to proceed from here :(

Anyone had the same issues and knows how to connect it?

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Here is a picture from Mustang Monthly. The description in the article that is from says:

In '65, Mustangs had an induction-style ammeter with no connections, only an induction loop (also called a magnetic loop) on the back of the ammeter that picks up current flow (magnetic field) through the main power lead.

That all sounds fine and dandy unless you don't know how that black/yellow wire is supposed to be connected. This post hints at it. More info.

I don't know what state your cluster wiring harness is in, hope this gets you going.

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That definitely helped me :-) Thanks a lot! – Björn Kaiser Apr 30 '12 at 11:04

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