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I have tried to remove the #3 spark plug from my 2001 Malibu, with no results. It is very hard to get to that particular spark plug because there is not much room between the fire wall and cylinder. I somehow broke the top off and the bottom of the spark plug is cracked in half. I tried different tools but still won't come out. There is not enough clearance in the area of the #3 spark plug to fit a drill in there or any other kind of tool. Please help, it's the only car I have, plus I have no money and I know just a enough about cars, to keep mine from going to an auto-repar shop. I was trying to change the plugs for a smog check, which is now past due.

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I take it from your statement, the threads of the spark plug have broke off and are still in the head? If so, did the rest of the spark plug come out (porcelain and electrode)? If this is the case, you should be able to use the correct size "easy-out" removal tool to back it out. If this is not the case, please explain it better so we can understand. Getting to the #3 is a PITB, but can be done. I had this one strip out on me on a 94 Sunbird ... took 4-5 hours or so to re-thread and helicoil without removing the head (or anything else for that matter). –  Paulster2 Jan 7 at 11:15

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Assuming the body of plug is still screwed into head squirt wd40 liberally and leave o/night.You can then purchase a thin straight wall plug socket much like you would use on a lawnmower (the type you put a screwdriver through to turn)This should easily fit in gap surrounding plug

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If there is no room for drill I would try to do as written in this guide. It seems that this could be a cheap solution for your problem. EZout extractor can be bought on ebay or maybe at your local house tools store. I hope it helps.

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