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I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 v8 which shuts completely down, Once the truck is hot it stalls and will not start..not until it cools down...then it starts strongly,sometimes I have it another few miles,sometimes a few blocks .I have replaced the alternator, crank, cam sensor an heater coil . The problem persist. I'm afraid to drive more than a few miles at a time. Please help.

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Your vehicle is crying out for a visit to your favourite repair shop, or at least a system scan to point you in the direction(s) of your vehicles problems. You will need to provide more information on your vehicles condition for anyone to help you. Changing a part, any part, without knowing it is actually faulty is just a guess.

You would be able to retrieve any fault codes from your vehicle, and post them on this forum, with the new smartphone software available on the net. Look on the net for Torque Pro or OBDII Doctor.

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