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I have a weird problem with the engine of my W123 (the engine is gasoline, 2L, 80kW with a Stromberg 175CDT carb).

When the engine is cold (less than ~50C or so), it acts weird. When I want to accelerate from slow speeds (first, second gear) and press the accelerator, the car delays a second or two and then jumps forward. This happens once or twice and then does not happen until I turn the engine off and then start it again.

EDIT: As it is now much colder outside, I think I have found the actual problem symptom. When I start the engine, while it is cold, if I quickly press the accelerator (without the car being in gear), the engine just stops. After a minute or so of warming up it works properly.

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http://www.autozone.com/autozone/repairguides/Mercedes-Coupes-Sedans-Wagons-1974-1984-Repair-Guide/Carbureted-Fuel-System/Carburetors/_/P-0900c152800ae88c . Because of the age of the vehicle you will be unlikely to find someone to answer your question fully. I have not even seen a Stromberg carb for many years. The link above will bring up a good guide to enable you to check your carb out.

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Most likely your carb needs some cleaning. These older style carbs has a few "holes" which could be stuck from like rust from tank.

Remove the carb and carefully clean it. I would also add/replace the fuel filter.

You could use etil alcohol for cleaning.

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