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I want to try to repair my 2002 Grand Prix's front bumper cover with a plastic welder, but all the labels are faded and I can't figure out where the type of plastic is stamped. Does anyone know exactly where to look?

Edit: I found a reference that says what type of plastic is used, but I'd still like to know where to look to find it stamped on the bumper itself.

According to Urethane Supply Company:

1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix (fwd) GT|GTP; SE/2nd design Front TPO or TEO (Thermo Plastic Olefin)

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If all the labels are faded or removed then you will have to refer to the main dealer for exact information of your bumpers composition or indexing. A second line would be to query the plastic welding rods available to buy are listed by the supplier as compatable with your vehicle. A third option would be a vehicle dismantlers as they would need to stream components for streaming when re-cycling. They would possibly be aware of any distinguishing marks on various components to do the re-cycling.

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