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Question about the tensioner assembly for my 2003 Corolla. At 99,000 miles Toyota replaced the assembly. This week, after a routine inspection, the same Toyota service shop suggested replacing the tensioner (leakage, according to the advisor) and timing cover gasket. At a much higher cost, of course. My Corolla now has 116,000 miles. Should I expect the tensioner to need replacing at 17,000 miles?

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The closest I've seen to problems with the tensioner assembly is oil leaking:

If the Toyota service shop already repaired it, I would have a conversation with the manager about what he/she thinks they might have done wrong during the first repair to make the second repair necessary.

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Could simply be a defective part. I had a factory Toyota radiator hose let go (internal delamination) just a few weeks after install. Those things happen. Hopefully there's a warranty... – Brian Knoblauch Dec 20 '13 at 21:15

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