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Does the valves bend when the timing chain slips on sprokets, on a mercedes benz 2008 model C200 komp?

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Don't know the car specifically, but in 90% of cars, if a timing belt or chain slips, the piston bangs into the valve and bends it. – Juann Strauss Oct 30 '13 at 10:15
FYI, what you want to know is if your car has a free-running or interference engine. An interference engine out of time will damage the valve(s) and/or cylinder head(s). – Lynn Crumbling Oct 30 '13 at 15:35

I've checked a number of sources and they all state that the engines in these are Interference Engines so there is a good chance of contact between the valves and the piston crowns. A compression test once the timing has been re-set would be a simple way to check if this has happened without taking the engine to pieces.

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Yes you can bend valves and mercedes will generally not cover resultant damage even during warranty period.Mercedessource is a good site hosted by a Mercedes technician

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