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I'm wondering if it will be okay to run 100 octane low-lead aviation fuel in my 2007 RM250 motocross bike (two-stroke). Half of the people I've asked say yes, while the other half say no. Will it be okay to run aviation fuel in this high RPM two-stroke engine?

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You can, but you'll significantly reduce the life of your engine. That's the short and to the point answer. I don't know too much about bikes, but if this were a car, I'd at the very least have someone tweak the carbs and adjust the timing somewhat.

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I can't recommend it. I was told that 100LL has about 4x the lead that the old regular leaded fuel had. Even on aircraft (which run at or near 75%+ power continuously) lead fouling of plugs is a major issue with frequent cleanings required.

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And airlines are allowed to foul up the air with leaded fumes? – Cynthia Avishegnath Oct 30 '13 at 7:17
Airlines don't use leaded gas. They use Jet A (fancy kerosene really). It's the small airplanes that use leaded fuel. It's a rather unfortunate thing, small airplanes were slowly migrating to unleaded. However, unleaded started getting ethanol added to it. Ethanol is illegal in airplanes. So, once ethanol became the big thing in unleaded fuels, airplanes were forced back to leaded... – Brian Knoblauch Oct 30 '13 at 15:43

You can run that fuel. I've run a 100 hours of aviation fuel through plus another 200 hours of race fuel that tends to destroy FI fuel pumps in various years of RM. I have a friend that is currently campaigning one in a vintage class race series. It's a 1978 RM250. It's fine. Two years since the last rebuilt.

But you don't have a fuel pump so you don't have to worry, if you did, then you drain the gas after each use and get the tank dry and then put in a little regular gas to let it sit until your next use. AV gas eats fuel pumps if left to sit. I don't know the exact degradation process from a chemist view, I just know from experience. Most high octane race gas does this as well.

The fuel will not hurt your bottom end. They are lubricated by oil in you put into your fuel. The fuel will not effect your oil mixture. Oil is miscible in gasoline. It mixes into evenly like vodka into cranberry juice.

I have raced two strokes or have been apart of a club effort racing them since I was 17, I'm 48 now. I've run higher than what you propose octane fuel in RG500 Gamma's, NSR 250R's, CR's and RM's. Your bike will be fine.

The myth that a higher octane fuel will damage your bottom end is exactly that, a myth.

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