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I have a 1990 Toyota that needs R-12. What do I do now? I no longer can find R-12 to put in my system. Is there a place I can buy it being an individual?

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Are you asking how to fix the leak? Questions of the "Where can I buy" type are off-topic here as they are too localised and go out of date too quickly. In your case, whether you are even allowed to buy it probably depends a lot on which country you are in... –  Nick C Oct 17 '13 at 8:31

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best source of info is your local Toyota dealer as they confront this issue all the time.Your aircon compressor may be manufactured by someone other than Toyota (like sanden) Manufacturers i.d. on compressor;contact them.As you know releasing gas into the environment is a big no no.$25,000 fine where I live (western Australia)Any auto aircon fitters can help out.I suspect you can't buy r12 as an individual because of environmental reasons.Blame the tree huggers

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