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I bought a pair of side marker lamps for my car (OEM p/n 26160-JK00B). They are compatible with Nissan MO/Infinity. Front view Connector view enter image description here

My car is a Nissan Murano 2009 (US model) which doesn't come by default with these flashers so I have to install them by myself.

The original headlamp harness doesn't come with connectors for these side marker lamps so I have to wire myself this thing (a wire extension from the front headlight - the turn lamp - to this side marker lamp).

But the question is: what connector should I buy/use in order to connect this lamp properly? Of course I can crimp two female spade connectors and then to hook them to the lamp but I would opt for a waterproof connector that fits, if possible.

Maybe someone, a handy auto electrician - anyone, has a clue about what could possible fit into that socket.

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You will be able to get the pigtail from the dealer. It's the connector and about 12 inches of wire. They are used to repair harnesses.

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