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So I have noticed that even for a fruther 10 to 15 mins after warm up, the gear lever on my motorcycle (bought brand new - 6 months old) seems really stiff and harder to change. COuld this have something to do with the clutch? Or is it just a cold morning thing?

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there is a problem with clutch – Dimensionless Aug 12 '13 at 4:25

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Without knowing what kind of motorcycle it is, and if it's new or used, it is hard to determine.

The good news is that it isn't necessarily a bad clutch. The rest of the news is that you're going to have to find out what is causing it.

In order of easiest to hardest: 1) Grease the clutch lever itself. 2) Lubricate the clutch cable (if cable driven). 3) Remove the clutch slave cylinder (near your left foot), then pull out and clean, and re-grease the silver push-rod. [This FREQUENTLY fixes hard-to-shift problems.] 4) Possible clutch problems.

If it's not #1, it's most likely #3. Removing the slave cylinder and cleaning the push rod is about a 30 minute task.

Hint for hydraulic clutches: Once you have the slave cylinder removed, do -not- apply the brake. If you do fluid will leak out of places you don't want and you will have to fully bleed the clutch system.

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Thank for the response. I actually found it was the clutch cable - it was stretched and frayed. Replaced it and its all good! – MeltingDog Oct 5 '13 at 23:54

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