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There are lots of information about what's inside oil filter from several brands... but zero on the Chevron ones. The closest place i have is a BigQ and they told me they use that.

I'm pretty sure they buy this from another manufacturer and just stamp their logo. Anyone knows which manufacturer it is?

Edit 1:

just went there. They actually do not rebrand the filters. it's a filter branded Dynalube. which also, has no information around on it's quality. And of course, there's no way for a consumer to make an informed decision on the point of sale without buying an extra one and opening there, which is kinda of impractical.

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What are you really asking? How is "good" measured? Are you having a problem that this oil filter will solve? Or are you just looking for a filter that fits a particular vehicle? If so, which one? –  Bob Cross Jul 18 '13 at 21:43
Well, there's several design decisions that impact a lot the quality in an oil filter. Fram used to use paper on the top and bottom ends of the filter when everyone else used metal sheets. they are using metal sheets now. then there's valves designs that instead of going on the outside (and failing outside the filter) goes on top with the tensioner and if failure occurs, are jettisoned right into the engine (as fram used to have, a plastic valve no less). Then there's several other factors that impact oil flow but this comment will be too big. –  gcb Jul 18 '13 at 23:53
You have two actual questions above: "any good?" and "which manufacturer?" You've answered the second one. For "good", you should add you specific metrics to the body of the question. –  Bob Cross Jul 20 '13 at 12:48

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