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I just bought an e34 from a friend and he said he uses liqui moly racing synth 10w-50 for the engine.

My mechanic was quite surprised when I told him and said I shouldn't use that, instead use real car engine oil. Still my friend is also a mechanic with years of experience on BMWs... I've read a lot about the topic and haven't seen any consensus about whether it is ok or not.

Areas of application from the description is:

Specially developed for all-season use in street, off-road and racing machines as well as ATVs, scooters and snowmobiles operated under normal to extreme conditions. Exceptionally well-suited for use with or without a wet clutch

So should I stick with it or switch to something else?

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Go with the recommended oil. The manufacturer should know much more about the vehicle they designed than your mechanic friend. Here are the factory recommendations for the E34. This covers all engine options that were available for the E34 chassis.

Viscosity :

  • Cold climate: 5W-30
  • Mild climate: 10W-30
  • Warm or hot climate: 15W-50
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