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On a 2008 Jetta, it seems like sometimes the driver's door would not lock when it is supposed to.

I close the door, press the engage button on the remote, the car beeps and the factory alarm gets activated, but the driver's door is left unlocked, and opening it will immediately trigger the car's alarm.

What is going on and how do I fix it? I originally thought it was related to an OBD-II unit from Garmin, or that I was doing something wrong (e.g. locking prior to closing the door), but since then, I've long as disconnected OBD-II, and I'm relatively positive that I close the door prior to locking it through the remote, yet it continues to be happening. I'm the first owner of the car, and it never did that until a couple of months ago when I first started using an OBD-II unit from Garmin.

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