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Is there a good service online for tracking vehicle maintenance that either you do or have a workshop do? It'd be nice to have a service that sends emails and lets you track when you change your oil, coolant, belts, filters, etc.

I don't care if it's commercial.

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This may have already been asked:… – hillsons May 17 '13 at 5:20

Not sure about web-based, but I have been very happy with the aCar app for Android. Multiple vehicles, fill-up tracking, service records and alerts, parts records (so you don't have to look up which oil filter you use every time you need one), and some decent mileage and cost statistics.

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I like MyAMSOIL Garage it is basic but it is free. You can set up email reminders for most services in that and it will show you all the amsoil products available for your vehicle aswell.

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