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Obviously this question is similar to How to improve fuel economy in high-mileage car? except I am asking specifically about automatic transmission car.

The car still delivers lots of power/acceleration but the fuel consumption is very high. Maybe this is a naive question but could I somehow set up the automatic transmission software to trade power for fuel efficiency?


My car is 2004 Ford Mondeo XL 2.0 Petrol and fuel consumption is cca 15 liter per 100 km (15.7 MPG) in a city.

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This question is a bit vague as written: you've left yourself open to the standard answer of "it's the driver, not the vehicle." Here are some suggested additions: What specific vehicle are you talking about? What are some of the symptoms that indicate that there is a mechanical problem? Are you already driving in a fuel conserving manner? – Bob Cross Apr 15 '13 at 13:09
That fuel mileage is shockingly bad. My 4.6L V8 gets like 9-11 l/100km (~23Mpg) I don't have any experience with high milegage motors but that seams really bad for a 2.0l. – Mike Saull Apr 15 '13 at 16:07

Yes depending on the vehicle you can get either chip or OBD port tuners. You can get a tuner to change the automatic shift points of your vehicle to be lower rpms.

You still have to drive nice though!

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Simple steps will reduce m.p.g.-correct tyre pressure-don't accelerate rapidly-driving with windows down or operating air con increase m.p.g. as do weight carried and add-ons like roof racks.Try and maintain a constant speed. Your transmission can be modified but is not a cheap endeavour

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