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I've just bought myself a new car, and as expected the dealer is trying to sell me extra items.

The two options they are trying to push on me are

  • Paint Protection

  • nano technology paint protection & nano technology protection for the seats.

Are either of these options worth considering?

My current thought is, the worst that can happen without it is I need to get the car painted again, which even if you use the amount the dealer charges as extra for the metallic paint, would still be a cheaper option.

Few extra details - The car is metallic black, live in Sunny Queensland but I have a garage.

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The manufacture provides a warranty on the paint and corrosion, and what they're selling you usually doesn't extend that. All of the dealers I have worked at sold some kind of paint protection and rust protection.

The paint protection was a wax job, a good one no less, but a wax job that you could get at a high quality detail shop for about $150, but they charged $795. They used the high quality professional grade supplies, just like the high quality detail shop uses.

The rust protection was rubberized undercoat, the same stuff you can by off the autoparts shelf in spray cans. They used a commercialized system for spraying it on, same stuff that's in the can just a different delivery system that let's them do it in less time than if you were using spray cans. So it takes them less time and costs you $1295

So no, don't spend the money. The money at a car lot is made in the F&I Office (Finance and Insurance) They really don't make much on selling the car, it's everything they add on.

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The dealership where I worked at sold the Paint Sealant/Undercoating/Scotch Guard package for around $450. We had an independent contractor provide the service for us ... total cost to us? $60. That was several years ago, but you get the idea. All of these products are commercially available to the average person and can be applied in an afternoon. – Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 Jan 6 '14 at 16:54

Want paint protection? Wash and wax your car. I wouldn't buy anything the dealer is selling as "paint protection."

All these treatments are typically very similar to products you can buy at a local auto parts store. The paint protection is almost certainly some kind of wax-like product, and the "nano-technology protection" for the seats is probably some kind of scotch-guard type product.

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Sounds like a marketing gimmick. If you have a garage, and you plan on having a garage for some time to come, just keep it in said garage and your car will age well enough. Not to mention you live in Queensland, it's sunny there, right? Do they salt the roads? If they salted the roads I might consider paint protection, but otherwise not. Just take care of your car and your car will take care of you.

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i just bought a new car that has been treated with ec bond but its not the protection that bought me its that they cover door dents headlight cracks and stuff for 5 years. As well as paint being messed up in anyway it is all repaired for free. Only cost me $350 i think.

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