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I own a 2005 Ford Focus 4-door sedan. The button on the FOB and button on the dashboard to open the trunk no longer works. I can hear a click inside the car when I push the button. It started about 6 months ago. I have been using the key to open the trunk. I tried a few weeks ago and the push of the button (on both FOB and dash) would make the lock work when the trunk lid was open but not to open the trunk. The button worked until the lid was several inches above closing but stopped working when it was shut or almost shut. I tried again today and it only gives a click inside the car when you push the button. Does anybody know how to fix this problem. The FOB works fine with the door locks.

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If hearing a click, are you able to pull trunk up? – FossilizedCarlos Mar 10 '13 at 18:21
Is the latch located on the lid or mounted to the body? – mikes Mar 10 '13 at 20:40
Im having the same issue with my car can hear the clicking noises but if trunk is closed doesn't work. I dont know what to do? Did you fix your problem maybe you can help me.. – user6891 Sep 3 '14 at 16:11

The click should be the latch solenoid firing so the signal should be fine I wouldn't think the FOB is the issue.

My bet is that the solenoid does not have enough power to disengage the latch try spraying some penetrating oil (WD-40 or similar) onto the latch claw and latch pin to see if that helps loosen it up.

If you don't have any penetrating oil you could use a small amount of grease or maybe even a small amount of cooking oil for the time being just to see if the lubrication helps. If it doesn't you may need a new solenoid/actuator.

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WD-40 is not penetrating oil; quite the opposite... – R.. Apr 15 '13 at 5:40
Not exactly but it can be used as one if it is available. It might be better for this application because it will probably leave some oil for lubrication instead of evaporating rapidly. – Mike Saull Apr 15 '13 at 14:45
? Wikipedia specifically mentions WD-40 on its "Penetrating Oil" entry. – Peter K. Apr 15 '13 at 14:57
@Peter K. Yes but Wd-40 is designed to leave lubrication after use. Strict penetrating oils focus on having extreme penetrating effects but will evaporate pretty quickly. – Mike Saull Apr 15 '13 at 15:30
WD stands for water displacer. WD-40's purpose is to get moisture out and keep it off of something; it makes a very bad penetrating oil for most places you want penetrating oil. – R.. Apr 15 '13 at 16:21

I'd start by checking Fuse#34 (20A) in the driver side underdash fusebox.

If that fuse is fine I'd investigate voltage @ the release solenoid itself. Looks like the white/green wire should get 12V when trunk pop is activated.

If that signal is good you may have a bad solenoid.

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It sounds like he is getting the solenoid to pop but not when the trunk is almost closed, which would make me think more about worn wiring... – Rory Alsop Apr 19 '13 at 11:53
Certainly possible. I took "I can hear a click inside the car when I push the button" to mean the relay is clicking (ie coil activating). So we wonder if the relay is then outputting 12V thru it's contacts (87&30), is that signal making it to the solenoid (worn wiring as you say), etc. – Chris Pearson Apr 19 '13 at 18:45

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