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I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Bravada with about 160,000 miles. At first I could hear a faint gurgling sound from the right front side under the hood when I’d stop and go. Then about a month later my truck started running hot (at 230°F or so), so I checked the coolant even though I had just put some in two weeks prior, and there was hardly any. I refilled and it was going like crazy. And on top of that, the heater in my truck goes cold when the gauge starts to go over 200°. When it starts to get close to the red, the heat suddenly goes hot and my gauge goes back down to around 150°. Also, when I’m on the highway it switches from hot to cold a lot less than in town, or does it slower.

There is a leak: it kind of looked like oil, but I use Dex-Cool antifreeze, so it’s red.

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It doesn't seem like you actually asked a question. Are you asking what you should do about your coolant leak? If you put coolant in your truck, and the coolant disappears, you have a coolant leak. You need to fix the coolant leak or have a shop find and fix the coolant leak, or your truck is going to overheat and stop working permanently.

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