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The fuel filler flap on my 09 VW Golf estate (diesel) will not unlock. I have tried locking and unlocking the car which should relase the filler flap but it remains locked. The owner's manual says there is no method of manual relase on this model. Can anyone suggest how I can get it open?

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Have you checked for a blown fuse? You may also be able to reach the release either by reaching into the wheel well or removing an interior panel. Another option is that the latch is released but the spring that pops the door open is broken. Have an assistant try to open the door while you actuate the switch.

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Agree'd. I would check for a blown fuse / bad relay. I had a similar issue on my 01 VW Beetle. My fuel door switch failed and I couldn't open my fuel door. – Applehat Dec 17 '12 at 22:55

Some people have had a relay get reversed on them, that is, they locked their Golf only to find that the fuel flap was unlocked. Give this a try, and also try locking and unlocking your golf several times to attempt to reset things.

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