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A few weeks ago, my Rebel 250 blew a piston, allowing the piston rod to beat on the top of the cylinder and the valves.

There's some scarring there now, as well as a jagged protrusion or two. What are my options for repairing this scarring?

Can I hone it down to simply get rid of the jagged bits, then brush it out?

Or should I replace the entire cylinder head?

Here's an image of what I'm working with. It's not great, but the damaged head is on the top.

Image of the damaged cylinder; on top

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Depending on the depth of the scar, honing might work. Otherwise, depending on availability of parts, you can replace the cylinder head.

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Thanks for the response! I posted an image of the damaged cylinder head, if it helps any. – BrMcMullin Nov 30 '12 at 21:36

If the damage is mostly superficial, and it's not warped or causing a gasket leak or a valve leak ( which could let coolant into your oil and then you will have problems), I think that you could very easily get by without replacing the cylinder head.

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