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I have a Ford Focus Mk2 and I wanted to install the mounting points for isofix car seats. I have the needed part. Where can I find installation instructions?

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It does sound fairly typical that these things come with no instructions. Your car manual should have information on isofix, but failing that, I found the following information on a post by Phil on - which seems like a forum you would want to look at for Ford Focus specifics. Have a read of the full post over there.

Key info from the post is:

  • Use a large flat screwdriver to unlock the hinge near the door.
  • Lift the seat up and try to move it out of the way.
  • Prise the rubber plugs out of the isofix mounting holes.
  • Screw the metal bracket in with the loops facing forward.
  • Fit the seat hinge back in place and bang down to re-engage the latch.
  • Put the seat back to it's normal position.

(my note - you will easily be able to identify the isofix mounting holes once the seat is up. The rubber plugs come out with the use of a screwdriver)

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I can confirm that this works! –  Grzenio Nov 11 '12 at 9:34

I wanted to fit the brackets on the smaller seat, behind the drivers side (in a UK, right hand drive car).

For my late 2005 model Focus, Mark II I think, UK registration "XX54" there was nothing on the door side hinge to lever up with a screwdriver (as per many instructions out there), instead the back seats came out according to these instructions on the Focus Fanatics forum.

The rubber/plastic bungs for the threaded bolt holes are then obvious under the line of the rear seat back, and comparatively easy to remove with a screwdriver. The bolts for the Isofix bracket can then be fitted with a Torx bolt (T50):

Isofix bracket in place in a Ford Focus Mk II

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