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I am trying to find an armrest cushion in Altima 2008 (this part). But Nissan and all OEM re-sellers will not sell the cushion only, they are only selling it as a whole door panel, which is very expensive and I don't need it.

Is there any alternative place, where I could get that part, original quality, and reasonably priced?

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In addition to pick n pull type junkyards you may also want to look for online forums for Nissan enthusiasts. I am afraid I'm only familiar with the Subaru community, but it is quite common to find original interior parts for sale by members who part out entire vehicles for various reasons.

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that actually did work wonders! thanks – galets Oct 22 '12 at 21:33
awesome..... :) – quentin-starin Oct 23 '12 at 13:53

If you are looking for a reasonable price and original (used) quality, I would try a pick 'n' pull type of place. Are you sure that the armrest is made to come off of the door panel? There may be a reason they only sell the door panel ...

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You might try taking some doughnuts down to the local dealer parts department to see if there isn't another part number for just the cushion, even if it's from a different year or model. If not, if you want the factory part, it sounds like you're going to have to go to the boneyard. I've had good luck at Pick-n-Pull, sometimes they have vehicles with the interior intact and in decent shape. Apart from that, if you have a cushion and it's just damaged, maybe an auto upholstery shop can fix it up for you. They can sometimes find a pretty good match for the factory material.

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