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Vehicle:          2002 VW Golf (German)    
Engine:           1.4 liter, gasoline 75 hp   
Odometer:         60k miles / 100k km 
Fuel consumption: 29-33 MPG / 7-8 liters/100km
Oil used:         5W30

I've had to add about 1 liter (1 quart) of oil to my Golf over the last ~1000 miles. Based on my previous experience, this seems quite high. What is the typical oil consumption of this type of vehicle (specs given above)?

The fuel consumption is also a bit higher than I expected for the small engine.

I don't see any oil on the pavement where the car is parked, and the coolant is clean. There is no visible smoke in the exhaust.

On two separate occasions (separated by 4000 km and a few months), the car has begun running rough. Both times the mechanic replaced an ignition coil (different ones) and the associated spark plug.

I was worried that perhaps burning oil was fouling the spark plugs--is this is possibility, or is a succession of failing ignition coils a likely explanation?

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Oiled-up plugs usually don't burn out ignition coils, so I'd rule that out unless the plugs get really badly carboned up. Just keep an eye on them.

1l/1000 miles isn't great for oil consumption, but it's not that bad either (although I wouldn't be too happy either given the low mileage of the engine) - have a look at the owners manual as to what the specs are and make sure that you have the correct oil that meets the VW requirements/certification and is of the correct viscosity.

A 2002 Golf isn't exactly a lightweight car, so with the small engine you are working the engine harder in normal driving than the bigger engines, hence the fuel consumption and potentially also the oil consumption.

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