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I have 1988 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Manual 5-speed with the 22RE Engine. Starting a few weeks ago, while at speed, the truck would randomly make this loud rubbing/grinding noise coming from the rear. I've captured it on video, and was hoping somebody could pinpoint the type of sound.

Here's what I've determined so far:

  • Happens randomly while at speed
  • Happens at various speeds, but mainly starts above 40 mph
  • When the noise happens, slowing down to a few MPH will stop it
  • Noise seems to be irrelevant from transmission. happens in gear, or while coasting in neutral
  • Jerking truck to the left will pause noise for a second. Jerking right seems to have no effect
  • I do feel a surge/friction when it happens, along with vibration.

In asking the people around me, I've heard mostly rear bearings, or drive shaft u-joints. I was hoping somebody could listen to this noise and narrow it down for me. The way the noise kicks in with a yelp, then settles down is strange to me.

Here's video of the noise. Thanks for taking a look.


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Did you ever find out the cause of the sound? I am having a similar issue with my 1995 Toyota Pickup. –  user2204 Sep 14 '12 at 18:34
No, I still haven't fixed the issue. However, locking the front hubs has prevented the noise from returning. Thinking it's related to my front 4WD differential/drive train. Waiting for winter to end to break it down further. –  csthopper Feb 4 '13 at 21:06

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I would suspect axle bearings more than U joints. Drive shaft noises usually don't change when moving left or right. You can check the axle seals for leaks. If the bearing is bad many times it moves enough to wear the seal. You can also check the axle housing for a temperature difference after a highway speed ride. It doesnot have to be an actual measurement just a difference you can feel with your hand. If it is really bad you may feel the play with the wheel jacked up off the ground. Just remember not be under the vehicle without jackstands.

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Thanks, will give the axle a good inspection. –  csthopper Aug 2 '12 at 21:01

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