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I'm thinking about picking up my first motorcycle. I'm looking at older bikes, 60s-80s, primarily Japanese bikes. I'm plenty handy around cars, so the maintenance tasks don't concern me, but I'm wondering if finding replacement parts for these bikes will be very difficult.

Where does one find parts for vintage bikes?

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A lot is probably available as aftermarket parts. It's the stuff that was only ever available from the original manufacturer that is going to cause problems. – Mark Johnson Aug 15 '12 at 19:25
If you provide some of the manufacturers and years your interested in I have a huge list of resources. Some are model specific. – DucatiKiller Dec 24 '15 at 0:40

It depends entirely on where you are and the individual make and type of the vehicle. The best bet is to join a local marque-specific owners club, these will usually have all the contacts you need, and many are actively involved in sourcing (and in some cases remanufacturing) rare parts.

The same applies to any older vehicle of course, not just bikes...

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I've gotten car parts from Vintage Parts. Looks like they carry some Harley parts, but no Yamaha, for example. Almost everything that was ever mass produced turns up on Ebay if you wait long enough, for certain definitions of 'long enough'.

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This place has lots of good stuff: Garage Company

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