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I drive an 2003 Acura TL. This week, the fan stopped blowing air, regardless of what setting the temperature / A/C is one.

I pulled out the blower motor and connected a multimeter to it. The reading is 0 volts with the ignition set to off, 9.5 volts with the ignition set to on with the HVAC turned off, and about 11 volts with the HVAC turned on.

I took it to a shop this morning. The mechanic there said that he does not know A/C well, but he tried connecting the blower motor directly to the car's 12V battery and it came to life. I don't understand what could be going wrong here.

What should I check next?

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Did you commect your meter to the harness connector or the motor? Did you check the ground side of the circuit? – mikes Jul 7 '12 at 23:12

On BMWs when the blower motor goes off the reservation, it is usually the final stage/blower motor resistor. Does your car have one of those? If so, check it as it could be bad.

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