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My car's mass is approximately 1800kg from memory and I intend to purchase a trolley jack so that I don't have to use the provided scissor jack when at home. I've noticed that trolley jacks have various ratings, and I've seen one rated for 1400kg for around $70, and then the next model up (rated for 2000kg) is pushing $200.

My question is a jack rated for 1400kg suitable for use with my car, given that it's never actually taking the full weight of the car?

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As you thought the jack is more than strong enough because you will not be lifting the entire car. Just remember that to be safe use jackstands if you will be under the vehicle or doing more than changing a tire.

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Anytime a body part is under the car or in a place where the car dropping could cause injury, use those jackstands. Also, please be aware that most jacks fail "soft". They don't suddenly drop on you, they just gradually start easing down. So, also use jackstands if the car needs to be kept in the air for any period of time, especially if left unattended. – Brian Knoblauch Jul 5 '12 at 16:17

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