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Do all car dealerships brand their cars? By branding I mean putting the dealer's name usually next to the model decal on the car. I find this very annoying - I don't want to put bumper stickers on my new car, and I sure as hell don't want a non-removable dealership ad on there.

If I asked them to not put that on my new car, would they think I am strange?

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The dealerships I worked at would take it off at the request of the customer. It's simple you're the customer and the salesman isn't going to lose a sale over the sticker. If you have already bought the car or just aren't comfortable asking them to do it you can DIY by following this post.

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Most do, yes - It is free advertising for them. Round here it is usually a sticker in the rear window, but I have seen some dealers put something on the back panel. They also put their details on the licence plate (a legal requirement in the UK for anyone supplying plates)

I suspect that if you asked them not to, the sales person would say "Yeah, sure", then they'd ignore your wishes and stick it on anyway... If it is just a sticker you may be able to remove it with some care and "sticky stuff remover"

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You can do what my dad always did: "Then put it in the sales agreement." If they branded the car at that point, he walked away. – Bob Cross Jul 3 '12 at 1:14
I don't worry about it. They peel off easy enough. I wouldn't walk away from a car I wanted just because I'd have to invest 30 seconds labor peeling off a label. :-) – Brian Knoblauch Jul 5 '12 at 12:14

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