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I bought my 09 Malibu used and was given only one set of keys. I've lost them and now the dealership is telling me it will cost about $900 to replace them because the lock system was installed aftermarket and they have to replace it also. Any suggestions about a way to do this cheaper? I don't have ignition key, door key or key fob.

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If you've got a one of the big locksmith companies in town, I'd try them. There's a number of options that may be available to them that might not be to the dealer.

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Is there another dealership close by? I would get a second opinion on the price. Also, when you ask them, don't tell them you lost all of the keys. Just say you need a spare and you don't have your main key with you. Sadly they may jack up the price if they know you are in a bind.

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