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So I was wondering for a list of good diy diagnostic, repair softwares (not obd).

I am aware of Autodata, Vivid and Mitchell on Demand.

What else do you know? I am also looking for a software that will allow me to see every piece of specific engine, virtually dissemble it and such.

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Most of these are manufacturer specific and not shared with anyone other than approved service centres, so I'm not sure whether you will get many useful answers to this one. – Rory Alsop Mar 11 '12 at 12:50
thought so... anyway, I hope some1 will answer some day :) – w0rldart Mar 11 '12 at 14:45

If you have a Hyundai, they make all of their repair procedures, schematics, etc. available at (you must view this in IE btw) - I haven't seen this type of data available for free from any other manufacturers though.

This site has really nice auto repair videos for car repair for your exact model: - it's for basic stuff like headlight bulbs, cabin air filters, etc., but the videos are very helpful and free.

Check the website of your local library, often they have a subscription to pay sites that are free to access if you enter your library car number.

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