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Is a brake flush the exact same thing as replacing the brake fluid?

Or is there a difference?

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The difference is that auto mechanics charge more for performing the one which you are not familiar with :) – MonkeyZeus Jan 15 at 13:42

There is no difference between the two.

To replace it, you have to flush out the old brake fluid with new fluid.

See this answer on how to bleed brake lines for more details.

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In some places, a brake flush might include some sort of additive used to clean the braking system. Its usually a gimmick.

Replacing the brake fluid itself is what it means. But flushes can vary between places and most of the time (from experience 99.999999999999%) its a gimmick to get your money.

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It's not a gimmick when it's a recommended PM service from the manufacturer. Not saying it's never oversold, but it is a required maintenance service on several vehicles – Move More Comments Link To Top Jan 15 at 20:00

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