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I've double checked all internal and external fuses I can find, that being panel next to the battery and panel under steering wheel. I adjusted wires on my head unit but then when I put it all back after a little while the dashboard lights stop working.

I had a quick look at the wiring but unless anyway has any suggestions I'll have to try pulling more of the dash apart to find where the problem lies =(

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Turned out when I whacked the dimmer switch for the dash lights and the speedometer etc section came to life (back-light came on). Clock is still not working but if I spend a bit more time on that I should be able establish what's wrong, I may have actually blown the back-light bulb for it. (I will update)

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It's real easy to pinch a wire when working in the dash area. If not a short that blows a fuse, a wire may have gotten cut clean through.

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