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I smell fuel off the drivers side wheel well of my 2002 4runner. My check engine light is on and I changed my gas cap. The lights went out and back on. I think it's the connection. It has a cover over the hose but how do I get the little brackets off without breaking them? It's got little round rivet like things? This one has me me stumped. Do I need to buy new ones or what?

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Have you had the codes read? If so, what are they? – Paulster2 Oct 7 at 0:54
My brother did it but I don't remember he said it was the hose connection or the $400 sensor but most likely the hose. It reaks of fuel. He can't help me. I moved 2 hours away. The cover is something I've not done or seen. Nuts and bolts I'm good with. I don't want to pull them out and ruin them. What do I do? Thanks – Chevyrose Oct 7 at 16:07
Someone just told me they r plastic retainers and I have to buy them. Am having a friend pick them up. While in Phx. Will let u know how it goes. Or if I need to spend $400. Hope not! – Chevyrose Oct 7 at 17:27

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