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My engine light comes off and on, I bought a DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL (CAN OBDll) to check the engine light, as per Mazda book it shows in the diagram from my eec test plug to connect system selector tool 49-b019-9a0 to the data link connector. Then connect self diagnosis check tool 49-h018-9a1 to the system selector and a ground. My new tool has 16 pins where can I find and buy the proper tools that I need to diagnose this problem. Help would be greatly appreciated and if you have these tools I would

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The Mazda B series trucks are rebadged Ford Rangers. In 94 the Rangers were still OBDI (1).

To read the codes and look at the data you need something like this.

To just read codes you need something like this, it's cheap but a pain the but to use.

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